Solar water heater 120lt

megasun boiler 120 lt
Available Types: Double Energy / Triple Energy

Solar water heater boiler, 120 liters, double or triple energy, to replace an old solar boiler. Compatibility with most solar panels on the market. Note: The boiler with polygonal housing is offered only in complete solar.


Nominal boiler capacity120 liters
Boiler dimensions500x1000mm
Heater Container Weight 52 kg
Heater TypeClosed circuit (with sheath)
Cylinder material Low Carbon Steel 2.5mm
Jacket material Low Carbon Steel 1.5mm
Internal protectionDouble Enamelling, baked at 860 ° C
Additional protectionMagnesium rod
External housing of the boilerAnodized aluminum or pre-galvanized sheet metal
Water heater insulationEcological polyurethane 50-60 mm thick without CFC & FCKW
Electrical resistance (Copper)Available from 0.8 KW to 4 KW, single phase
Maximum operating pressure8bar
ThermostatBipolar of four contacts
Maximum operating temperature95ºC
Mantle test pressure (alternator) 5bar (EN 12976-1/2006, 4.1.6)
Maximum mantle operating pressure (alternator) 3,2bar

Why choose a solar water heater HELIOAKMI MEGASUN

The internal cleaning of the tank is done by sandblasting (throwing metal balls) to create a rough surface, in order to achieve absolute adhesion and adhesion of the enamel to the inner surface of the container, giving it twice the life.

The double inner enamel of the boiler, which is baked at 860 ° C, offers resistance to water with a high content of salts and makes it safe for public health.

Maximum operating temperature 95ºC

It is a closed circuit boiler and due to its operation with antifreeze, it can withstand up to many degrees below zero.

It has 26 International and Greek Quality Certificates!