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Solar Heater Boiler

Solar Heater Boiler

Boilers for solar water heaters and connection to heat pumps or gas boilers. <// h3>

Solar boilers are containers in which water is heated either by the sun or by the heating network (heat pump, boiler).

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All HELIOAKMI-ASSOS-SOLARNET-CAMPER double or triple energy boilers are made according to European and German standards and with the strictest specifications. The thickness of the boiler (boiler), ranges from 2.5 to 3 mm (boiler). Their internal cleaning is dry and is achieved by the method of 6-stage sandblasting, ie by spraying pellets. This method avoids the use of chemical liquids and achieves the creation of a rough surface in order to ensure complete adhesion and adhesion of the glass to the inner surface of the boiler.

Our company boilers are shielded with nutritional quality double glazing at 860C for the purpose of double life compared to ordinary single glazing boilers. Before and after enameling, wash with clean drinking water at 65C. They have a Water Mark Australia drinking water certificate.

The boilers ILIOAKMI-ASSOS-SOLARNET SP 120-160-200-300-350 L have on their side caps 2 facilities for water connection (cold water inlet and hot water outlet) as well as 2 facilities for closed circuit connection.

CAMPER SP 120-160-200-300-350 L boilers can replace almost all types of solar panels with 1 or 2 collectors as they have in their center two closed connection connections.


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A specially designed stainless steel spiral heat exchanger can be adapted to all boilers, as they have a large cleaning plate Φ170. So they can work perfectly with heat pumps (inverter).

The alternator has a large surface area thus allowing the continuous operation of the pump (thus avoiding stops and starts) and works with a temperature difference such that it can offer us up to four times electricity savings on days when there is little or no sunshine or days that the requirements for hot water are great and in which a solar water heater could not be enough even in full sunshine.

enallaktis 1

Stainless steel heat exchanger for connection to oil / gas boiler

enallaktis 2

Stainless steel (316L) heat exchanger for connection to a heat pump


Μπόιλερ με σταθερό εναλλάκτη μεγάλης επιφάνειαςγια αντλία θερμότητας

boiler new

Eπιφάνεια εναλλάκτη για 120-160-200 LT: 1.30m²
Eπιφάνεια εναλλάκτηγια 300 LT: 1.60m²

Standard installation for connection to a boiler

typiki egkatastasi boiler

Standard installation for connection to a heat pump

boiler antlia thermotitas

All our boilers are packed with two frames of hard styrofoam, are wrapped with stretch film and are delivered together with 2 L special antifreeze for models up to 200L and together with 3 L special antifreeze for 300-350 L. models

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vaseis boiler

Boiler support set (different types of solar)

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