GLASS triple energy solar water heaters

The solar water heater reaches its maximum efficiency in about two days after its installation. During the first two days, it is recommended to avoid drinking hot water even if it is sunny.

Check the level of the antifreeze in the closed circuit every year. The closed circuit should be completed only with the antifreeze – thermal liquid SOLATHERM or NEUTRAGUARD.

In areas where there is a lot of dust, we advise you to clean the solar panel glass with water every two months, so as to remove the dust that accumulates on the glass, unless there is enough rainfall.

In the event of a break in the solar panel glass, the glass should be replaced immediately to avoid further damage to the collector.

For all solar water heaters, the principles and codes require that the operation of the valves be checked once a year. We also recommend that you check the screws, nuts, dowels, bolts and mounting plates at the same time so that they do not become loose or worn, especially when the appliance is placed near the sea. In case of wear, they will have to be replaced (at the buyer’s expense).

During long absences (such as summer vacations) it is recommended to cover the solar panels with an opaque cover. We recommend this to avoid the evaporation of the antifreeze, due to the very high temperature that develops, since no hot water is consumed.

Once the tank is filled with water it should not be emptied (emptied) for a long time, except when changing the magnesium rod or electrical resistance which takes a short time, as there is a possibility of cracks and detachment of the internal protection of the tank.

In areas where the water supply pressure exceeds 6 Bar it is necessary to install a pressure reducer. When there is a water softener in the water network it must be set within 8-9 (and not at ‘0’). It should not be completely softened because when the water produced after treatment has a hardness of “0” or close to “0”, the water becomes electrolytically aggressive.

In solar installations where the units have serial connection , it is absolutely necessary to istall a circulator (for recirculation) in the last solar unit in order to avoid the overheating of the last solar unit (s).