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Solar Water Heaters

Save on electricity bills and protect the environment with the MEGASUN state-of-the-art solar water heaters.
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Compact Solar Water Heaters

Get to know the award winning compact solar water heater with the unique advantages and numerous applications.
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Forced Circulation Systems

Ensure maximum performance with minimum cost with our high-standard forced circulation systems.

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MEGASUN - Solar Water Heating Systems

MEGASUN Solar Water Heaters - Solar Panels, Solar Collectors, Solar Hot Water Storage Tanks Manufacturer

Benefit from our 40 years of experience and award winning products guaranteeing excellent performance and saving on energy and electricity bills.

Dear friends,

This is our first attempt to communicate with you in this manner, where writing becomes a friendly chat. Through the web pages of our new enriched website, we present to you our company.

A company offering sunny solutions, working with passion and dedication, for three decades now, to always offer you the best.

HELIOAKMI has been manufacturing and installing solar water heaters since the 1970’s making thousands of loyal friends like you along the way. Our experience in producing highly efficient non-defective products economically, makes us justifiably proud of our contribution to society. Because a solar water heater isn’t just a simple appliance that makes our life easier. It is a whole philosophy. A philosophy that has taken HELIOAKMI to the top of the world’s hot water technology from the sun, in over 70 countries, in all climatic conditions and for all types of water qualities.

A philosophy that leads the way and makes us, as professionals, feel the weight of responsibility and obligation to offer products and services that are in harmony with the environment and man. To hand over a better world to our children.

Always true to our principle for excellence in design and continuous advancements, HELIOAKMI today offers high standard solar water heaters.

Along with architects, engineers, installers and professionals in this field we can all create together. Using the most economic and efficient technologies available we produce hot water from the sun. For the common good.

We live in “special” times. The environment is sounding the alarm. The whole world is looking towards other renewable energy sources….. The international outcry is raising consciousness… When the answer is right next to us, should we still be searching for it?

Solar water heaters are not a luxury. They are a part of the future, today. The future we promised our children.

Our goal is one. Quality of life. This is our philosophy.

Sincerely yours,

Christos Papadopoulos

General Manager

Greek Products

solar water heater with horizontal collectors



Nea Zoi, Aspropyrgos
19300, Attiki, Greece

Tel. +30 (210) 5595624
or 5595625 or 5595626
Fax: +30 (210) 5595723
E-mail: megasun@helioakmi.com

About Us

Factory of production of solar panels, storage tanks, solar heaters and boilers.


National Award